which the disease began to subside after a week or two of illness. And
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Vulvo-vaginitis," by Dr. Steinschneider, of Franzensbad ; " The Causes
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down by means of enzymes which it secretes, reserving
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The nasal fumigator. Calomel is placed in the porcelain receptacle. The alco-
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often his wife. That the sexual appetite is capable of
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likens it to something different. It is not such as can fix
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an entire mutation of its component parts, the type or form alone
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and chlorin." Chloroform is composed of carbon, hydro-
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but in a single 6-day period, the number ranged from 120 to 246. The number
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showed wasting of the right gluteal, hamstring, and gas-
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May 14. Twenty-four hour specimen of urine gave too much albumin
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duced two distinct chapters, — one upon the history of anti-
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almost ceased, for the muscles of the spine were not affected
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time, confined to an area above the apex, usually in the fourth and fifth
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expressed in terms of blood carbonates, we have introduced dilute
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more logical to assume that the carriers are the result rather than the
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animal matters are not deleterious, and that perhaps they are
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treatment that have been used in many cases with good results. To
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The role of the computer in monitoring laboratory data will be expanded by
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and 4 The prognosis in paraplegia occurring in syphilitic sub-
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cells, its lumen being nearly filled by atypical, mono- or poly-
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the corresponding ulcer of the stomach. The great factor in its causa-
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vi, 401-403. — Spilliiiaim (P.) De la gangrene des oiganes
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A. M., M. D., Late Instructor in Physical Diagnosis in Rush Medical Col-
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he is quite as obligingly willing to convey to his public the latest
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is frequently followed by a revaccination in the same
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and sent to him many years earlier by their mutual friend (un-