or three weeks. ' In many it is trifling in amount ;
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into Kansas. — A proclamation by the Governor of Kansas for-
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fact of considerable significance, calling for appropriate dietetic and
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deprived of the coagulating principle. His bowels (constantly
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During a night in September, 1885, I was summoned to the village of
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line. The muscle wounds made in resection ace then closed by catgut. This mov-
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mechanical reasons. Massage of neighboring i)arts following
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excited, in both slight peripheric irritation excites spasms ; but they
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neutralized with sodium or potassium hydroxid, or at most allowed to remain
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previous inflammatory attack of the big toe joint has been experienced.
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taining perfect rest in the horizontal position so long as danger existed, extra
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way converted into a calcareous shell, and the pericardium into an un-
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palms of the hands and the dorsal and plantar surfaces of the feet
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whom were assiduous and devoted in devising and applying all things for his ,
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tion is usually enough to effect complete healing. Six
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sent 80 per cent, of all the leukocytes present, and of these, the greater
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denying thoughtfulncss for those under his Medical charge.
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way, the two descending palatine arteries were severed, and
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death 64 hours from attack. I saw this child with Dr. Leach on the sec-
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mitral disease, may be cited in proof. When obstruction and incompetence
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the plan upon his professional brethren. The committee's latest
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crura cerebelli; 3, the corpora restiformia, extending to the medulla
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" E. Emery and M. Druelle consider the biniodide in aque-
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against permanganate, which certainly is anything but satisfactory as
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to the differential diagnosis of brucellosis and in-
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beginning ; in uraemia, if there be any slight paralysis, it will not deepen ;
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ably full of gall-stones, but when the adhesions were all sepa-
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re-establish the vital properties of the parts implicated. All topical
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;had a child. On examination, the left side of the pelvis was
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tory in the family, but the mother had a ])nsitive Wassennann
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youngest fifteen months old. She complained of great
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Art. X. — Pathological Researches. B^B. Wills Richardson,
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conjuncture of circumstances may frequently obtain with-
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Dr. Stoker^ advises the treatment of suppurating wounds, ulcers,
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Habinski's sign almost invariably accompanies a lesion of the
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mena indicative of the presence of hysteria. It is important, however, to
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either by themselves or associated with changes in the
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bent position, the only test of insensibility being the