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fully convince you of its accuracy. So I must pray your

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the l}Tnph spaces and around the portal vessels, which are probably due to

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The great majority of the inoculations made thus far have been on the

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symptoms, such as high fever, severe prostration (often reaching a typhoid

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prepared any^^here, even by unskilled attendants. It combines simplicity,

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elimination of phosphoric acid has been observed in various

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patients who recover. In 62 cases in which the condition of the coronary

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Foods that are rich in the purin bases or nuclein and nucleic

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is generally recognized that a low specific gravity with low

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per cent., while among syphilitics they were thirty-five and

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pills, and there is no objection to beginning its use before the temperature is

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to a yellowish green; it is then repeatedly dipped in the

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because of our failure to detect some evident cause.

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tube with red-hot needles. The rubber tubes should be

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by the bactericidal and mechanical action of the saliva and mucus. In

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an examiner to shade points that might have an unfavorable

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In the 5,000 cases of scarlet fever seen by the writer, relapses have

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which we have to combat. To do this successfully we must play with

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elaborated under the special stimulus of the invaded body. The poisons

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Fifteen discontinue the charge at age 50, one at 45, six

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between the fourth and sixth days, or at a time when the vesicles are well

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muscles are sometimes seen early and during convalescence. Various forms

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serous infiltration of the parenchMna. Later on the gland apparently

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According to Charmin and Gley the pyocyaneus toxin paralyzes the vaso-

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