In a certain proi)ortion of cases, the affection progressively extends orcr

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administration; being calculated to lead to a slow absorption, and a protracted

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guished as hygienic. I shall use the term with this breadth of ap]ilication.

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rapid increase in the suicide rate commences at an earlier age, and this

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question among lawyers, and the report stems from a 1971

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'' Filariidse: genera Filaria, p. 613; Dracunculus, p. 611;

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In the upper limbs anaesthesia is said to begin in the ulnar fingers and

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turnover in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis. Bone

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on the hands. The non-occurrence of this peculiar little tumour

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add the milk and flavouring ingredients, and pour into earthen

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temesis. She left Lame in the morning and came to Bel-

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swamps, marshes, etc., — which can hardly be designated b}^ that

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imbricated mica-like scales. On removal of scales of recent lesions

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and typhoid fever the symptoms increase in severity ; the

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while really it is a mixed lever, viewed from the standpoint of the flexor

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Cysts of Pancreas. See Pancreas, Cysts of (Inde.x i.

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insipid, and worthless powder, and should always be

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injections of normal saline is the best treatment. In those terrible paralytic type

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gradually diminished until their use is no longer required. I am

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also, infra, Denig. — Bane ( W. C.) Contusionsof the eye.

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with the same organisms as in Fig. 1 and show enhanced growth of -B. influenzce

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able quantity it would discharge when it burst. Among those

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that are especial for each organ, and without which the functions

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branches of the hepatic artery, the portal is not interfered with until

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566. [MS. dated 12. Oct.] [W% W% W°.] [Also rejmnt: Lib. Stiles.]

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surface presented to mensuration. The intimate relationship between the

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As far as possible, cadets should be relieved from sitting around at

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ing, and face otherwise much involved in lesion. Lesion also

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cal Society of the District of Columbia, the Oregon

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then disappeared, leaving no signs of paresis anywhere. She remained in the

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quency ofthe pulse was alarming ; it was repeatedly counted,

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acute disorders of the lungs, the value of inhalations of atomized

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Increased elimination of phosphorus, etc., would seem to