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It is not my purpose however to rehearse the triumphs

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tion in dispute by the experimental method and injected

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ence of diffuse thickening of the skin of the hands

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five grains of the nitrate of silver to an ounce of water

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Berghaus and Johnston. So also it may be stated that the

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in the right auricle was represented by thick smooth white endocardium

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amputation and on that day re amputation was undertaken through the

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posure to air. This tinge is due to the presence of true blood

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hemorrhage or to serious injury to other alxlominal

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It was also known that in some few instances a spontaneous cure had

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State Board of Health of New York has issued a sfiecial circu

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This method is frequently combined with the emplo ment of various

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was so restless. Not for two thousand years has the world waited

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fluctuating mass behind it. The mesentery was carefully opened through

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rise to so much haemorrhage that tlie blood flowed freely from the