Treatment. There are certain points in the prophylaxis and

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cases of epidermoid cancer the primary growth was treated with a defective

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tumours which, though epithelial in character, entirely differ from the

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patient and physician on each other are made the subject of careful

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is absolutely diagnostic. This is of special importance in the case

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the shoulders. Head and shoulders much elevated by pil-

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femoral insertions ; the tibia and femur can now be separated from each

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geon considered him well before his wife joined him in France.

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averaged 126 mm. Hg., and the lowest pressures observed after

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ponents, neo-kinetic and palaeo- or strio-kinetic, and neo- and palaeo-static.

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it is known in the Bordeaux district : (1) mental form, characterized by

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which could be used in any quantitative method to convert

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felt two fingers below the free border, and later four fingers below the

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ruling out a thin layer of liquid as the cause of the shadow.

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docs he explain why these very glands in children, in obsolete

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wock, practically always in the «'arly morning hours. The blood-prcssun* rose to

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complicated by hemorrhage, in which the agglutinating power of

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pulsions, and the sense of isolation from their neighbors and them-

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irritant when serum had been injected showed itself in two inflammatory

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pulse. Is it not possible that a knowledge of variations in venous

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observed before death is foredoomed to failure. The fact, recorded by

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conditions the conclusion was reached that it was not a means

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of urobilin in the stools, its effect is altogether overshadowed by

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a lever according to Engelmann's method. After taking a normal tracing,

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which litharge is added in considerable quantity to communi-

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individual members of which so far do not seem to show any

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exercise tolerance tests give valuable information for the regulation of the

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weakness, and Nagana fever have a similar effect. H. W. D.

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