Presbyterian Hospital for some years, and attending surgeon at the

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Kansas Medical Society, Western Association of Obste-

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frontal, temporal, and occipital convolutions may be injured or

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ommendation of the creation of a distinct chair of toxicology

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to her mother, " I shall send your daughter home to you a

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he resigned in January, 1897, in order to give his time to

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Dr. Roosa was educated at academies in Monticello, New York, and

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of patent medicine, it is found in the advertising columns of

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tion, also, the application of a blister; but the patient, having

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difficult passages, he complained of a swollen, stiff feeling in

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pitals of some of the largest cities, spending several months

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cine in the Boston City Hospital, this report should prove a

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air and significant smile he tapped on the patient's chest.

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mus ; frequent but ineffectual calls for stool ; head feels clearer ;

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against metallic parts of the soldier's equipment, or against

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as much as will insure the utmost safety in the art of prescrib-

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" amuse themselves," putting aside care and anxiety. Certain

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He ii a careful and skilful operator, with reroarkaUe,

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and disinclined to leave his bed, is quite comfortable. The elec-

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considerably interfere with the movements of the joint. There may even be

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quire a considerable time for their development. Then, sec-

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only, and is a sufficient quantity to be made serviceable in a good

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the occasion to repeat that whatever the extent of a traumatism

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of rapid ligature and of keeping the patient immobilized on

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lessons taught by physiology and clinical experience. No won-

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with revisions and annotations by the well-known Dr. Edw. L.

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make a well man sick to swing for an hour daily a pair of dumb-bells to the tune, —

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see in the course of a cure, or otherwise, relating to the affairs

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and municipal organizations, in all of which he takes an

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Island, South Carolina, on the iist day or November, in

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for a meeting " complaints. After all, what does it amount to ?

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spent eighteen months in Bellevue Hospital, New York

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Massachusetts Homoeopathic Asylum for the Insane will offer to

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Fractures by Contact.— These are the result of the

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held for the position of police surgeon on the New York city police

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the help of our estimable colleague Dr. Roth, whom I beg to