and more a day, after eating. The treatment should be kept up for
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the entry of the poison is abundantly proved, and that it gives time
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I. Description of experiments. — Earlier investigations carried out
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and another from Sir James Simpson. We applied Dr Keiller 's
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4.5. — Dead, — in nine minutes. These three experiments, I think,
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to i-emedies. The benefit I obtained from the chloral was con-
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and middle fingers moving in circles or ellipses witkin small areas. In
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incomplete separation of these two proteins from the other pro-
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clumping began a single definite clump was selected and isolated
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part of the genital passage does not correspond with the axis of the
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(7 gr.), which on account of its vanillin radicle has a slightly stimulative
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lung extract and fresh liver extract animals steadily declined. The animals that
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liant blue of the sea became visible ; and to add to these vile
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morphine in heart disease will yield to its intelligent use in these cases,
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the size and quality of sac and amount of toxin, a combination
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yolk), or eggs in various forms (souffles, omelet, creamed eggs, pudding).
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5. The means which we have adopted to facilitate intercourse —
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survey. As yet very little is known of rheumatoid arthritis, and yet
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and Wittgenstein, who were able to reduce by these extracts the
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Liquids. — "Water is absorbed from the stomach only in very small
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obtained from the climate alone, those of sea bathing. Salt water has an
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true, have been more of after evil effects (that is, with morphia) than
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increased. The patient must be kept as well nourished as possible, with
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August 30: Coughed today several times; bowels very loose.
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Eumydrin — Agaricin. — Eumydrin is also very satisfactory in doses
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that the pseudo-image lies above the image seen by the healthy eye,
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expected to gain confidence — of why it has gained no confidence.
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To ensure against further bleeding, the perchloride of iron solution
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arranged in two zones, a central mass of tangled threads and granu-
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are too small for the number of occupants, and the people being
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rest which is given to the digestive tract. Former treatment, which