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form. Again, the i)rocess may cause periproctitis, abscess, or a rectal fis-

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satisfactory results. If antiseptic sprays are used, thymol and salicylic acid

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histological transformation into pus, and thus a large amount of thick pus

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acid, or sulphuric acid paste. This causes extensive sloughing of the

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masses are soft, never granular, and a jpui'iforiii fluid flows ffoni their

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Differential Diagnosis. — 1. Crepitus. In fracture, crepitus may be

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ing, and only a small opening remains through which liquid f feces can

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but it is due to bronchial irritation, and unless bronchitis exists the cough

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This is a common cardiac lesion, and is always accompanied by more or

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Also in long-continued obstruction to the outflow of urine from the

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morphosis has occurred in an hypertrophied heart, there will be an undulat-

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Differential Diagnosis. — This variety of Bright's disease may be mistaken

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quently met with in infancy and old age than during any other periods of

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and the tissues about the ulcer are edematous because of the poor circu-

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The ovaries and litems V€ry frequently contain a considerable quantity

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