Thyroid Gland. — Operations for ligations of the superior, or in-
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over a circumscribed portion of the bronchial membrane ; in the acute, it
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cited by taking food, or one may return without any apparent cause. The
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disappearing here, but appearing with renewed activity at another point.
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are in great repute among the advocates of the " alkaline treatment," and
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peculiar-colored ''yellow fever face" are early symptoms in this disease;
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round and polygonal cells with multiple nuclei are also present. These lat-
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sequent accumulation in the circulation of some or all of the poisonous ele-
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the fact that they are compelled to observe the most rigid hygiene in order
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by means of change of air and proper hygiene, may finally recover. There
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and the tissues about the ulcer are edematous because of the poor circu-
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comatose condition. Convulsions are as common in children as they are
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scales; these are called scaly sypliilides, the eruption taking on the ap-
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great service in limiting their formation ; the va})or of iodine, muriate
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not happen in this age, but formerly occurred in poorly ventilated and
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poisoning it is distressing, and is preceded by an intense burning pain
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dermic injections of the sulpho-carbolate of quinine. Yellow fever runs its
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on record of jjoisoning by chloride of zinc and sulpliuric acid, in which
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the fluid hold the contagion of the disease. The infrequency of the simultaneous occurrence of miliary
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water. It can not be used in metallic vessels, nor can it be used to dis-
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cardura and nipple pain
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proper food. The cause of the disease is lack of vegetables. It has occur-
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Tlu' cliaiiii^os wliic'h occur arc usually as follows :—
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these measures have any controlling influence over the disease. Pregnant
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may be given in small quantities. In those cases in which vomiting is per-
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pearance they are almost confluent. The conjunctivae are early involved
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minute. There will also be nausea and vomiting, frequently most per-
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for this purpose, and the same precautions are to be exercised as in the
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6. Tumors or Other Abnormalities Outside of the Bowel, such as mal-