effects, is produced by all stimulants, those in which the reaction .
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as possible need be lost. The surface may be previously rendered
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Under Dr. Ash worth Priestley remained three years, from 1752 to
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rigorous in their educational standards. Thus, recent re-
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and that their place is occupied by a series of bright granulations soluble in
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rated state — the second as the disseminated. The third, Horner calls
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of the deepest regret that we have to record the death of Robert
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subsequently she suffered from a troublesome cough, but without sputum.
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very variable, often diarrhoeic, sometimes streaked
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cal value of the Abbe condenser there can be but one opin-
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reaction upon litmus paper. The bladder was empty. The vena cava
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ration. When effusion occurs in an inflamed mucous mem-
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not conveyed from one person to another person by the touch or by the
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in. Siler, J. F., Garrison, P. E., and MacNeal, W. J.: Statistics of Pellagra in
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only cases in which the intensity of the disease is such that life is in im-
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toward its free cavity. The danger and difficulty of the
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finally in a condition of i)ermanent overdistention. Certain occupations,
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monstrable tuberculous processes are to be found, yet whose tem-
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the mentally, unfit, the marriage of the inebriate, the syphi-
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12 ; blood-clot wholly broken down, 7. In the cases in
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been found. He had then been admitted to the Monte-
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stage ascites, peripheral edema and a loss of muscle mass
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will enable the patient to adjust the muscles to the
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often contain fat globules in considerable quantities, so that they
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particular factories or groups of factories maintain fairly close con-
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to exert pressure on the testicle in a downward direction. The
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infected with anthrax, fine rod-like bodies ; and the contagious-
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sky ; and, after stopping a moment in the Place Vendome, to look at the
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A tuberculosis school, consisting of thirty medical of-
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galvano-cautery, and all were cured ; in none has recur-
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commititee that had been previously appointed by the State
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time, and again returning violently. When the contents of the
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nodosum, especially dealing with its connection with
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referred to, the remainder of the chapter being devoted to the
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1891, died recently at his home, from cerebral hem-
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Effect of Climate on the Development of Children. — This is
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flexion of about 70 degrees; some abduction and adduction and some rotation.
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of the humerus with the greatest facility. M. Despr^s
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ingitis; they are more commonly extradural, though pial abscesses
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the cervix would depend upon the operator's judgment in each case, and
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which the anti-enzymotic power of pigeon's serum was compared