singly, £3 3s. Every student, on entering at the College, will be

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candidate who has obtained the degree of Bachelor of Medicine, and is

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point with the index finger), slight disturbances are generally demonstrable.

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ably increases the susceptibility to the disease, but it is doubtful if an ex-

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tions or physical indolence. Other morbid conditions, which, while not inter-

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Pirst year students are advised to take out the hospital ticket, and

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Irving Treiger, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine.

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pression of the spinal cord. In the first place, it is clear that the complete

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diffuse gangrenous process, and sometimes there are isolated foci of necrosis,

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•colleges who had graduated on or before March 1st, 1883, would be

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clinic, and the branches connected therewith, for the practice of

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Exercise of stuc^y questions on butter manufacture,

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hesions, while a cloudy serogelatinous exudation is found in the meshes' of the

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are, however, of sufficiently marked prominence to justify, at least provision-

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the keys given up to the Chief Steward. The deposit for rooms varies

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Donaldson, Lilian, s, a, w, sp, Chicago. A.M. (U. of Kansas) '25.

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of the first two years in the School of Medicine of the Division of the Biological Sciences

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Psychological Medicine and Medical Jurisprudence, and Diseases of

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rise to the disease, but in such cases we must again consider the possibility of

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will be returned, less thirty marks. The oral examination is openly

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and lodged in the Hospital for twelve moiiLths, six in each office.

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cluding Conjoint Clinical Courses 301, 302, and 350, Pediatrics 305, and Obstetrics-

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The 3-A Sanitary Standard Is applied to the farm bulk tank.

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(Chorea Minor. Sydenham's Chorea. St. Vitus's Dance)

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become clinical clerks, besides this, place themselves under one

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The License in Medicine, besides the right of being admitted to the

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but rarely led to try bloodletting by leeches behind the ears or on the temples,

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assistants are non-resident, " but the other officers, together with the

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be past, the prognosis as regards life is entirely favorable, since the rest of

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Siegel, Ralph Edgar, a, w, sp, Perth Amboy, N.J. S.B. '35.

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of the disease on general nutrition may be very distinct. Little food is in-

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unpardonable sin. In other cases the patient has the idea that he is coming

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