as cruel against truth as against Dryden ; for we must still

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the dignity of physicians, their scholarly doings, and their

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distribution. Again, the eruption as a whole is uniform, irregular and

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varying in character from pain due to stimulation of a central nerve end,

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ing his eelskin cue dangerously near the flame of the candle

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manifestations of the disease, which are often quite forgotten, or never

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idiot, for example, requires rousing, stimulating treatment ; the child

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administration of thyroid in some form to thyroidectomised animals or

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and hard, pitting with some difficulty ; and the surface tense, glossy

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duties of observation, Cheyne putting his forefinger to the

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existing between crime and criminality on the one hand, and the normal

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remedial or prophylactic, of various diseases of bacterial origin, is in

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proved by pricking them. If left alone they dry up and rarely attain

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may spread diffusely to the trunk, has been observed in adults of both

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facts had then developed principles. The old physicians

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This unexpected outburst saved the day, but Professor Lan-

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a day or two, however, such spasm passes off; the trapezius muscle

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Bacillus : shuttle-shaped, blunt extremities ; 2 p. in length, 1 fi in

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prevents the individual from reacting normally as a member of the

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struggle. At night, wetting the bed may be the only significant dis-

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groups of vessels, and to what Unna calls the "vascular cones" and

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skin, stavesacre or weak balsam of Peru ointment may be substituted

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and index finger. Puncture the finger with a firm, quick

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through the body. Turning on his too impetuous pursuer.

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Warm sweating hands are best treated with weak alkaline baths, such

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men and women, to whom their occurrence is a matter of suffering and

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a. General. Sizes needed are 1 liter, and 500, 250, 100, 50, 25,

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of the insane) ; (vi.) involutional type (for example, climacteric insanity

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the blood gently into the tube or bottle to avoid mechani-

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