abdominal and pelvic pain or spasm, as intestinal or renal
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careful to clean their hands after attending to each patient. From the pus
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disappear and the surface is bathed in a purulent fluid — a state frequently
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Internal Medication. — Much can be done to render the patient more
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It is not uncommon for patients to become very stout during convalescence,
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e\'idence indicating that bactericidal substances, especially complement
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demonstrate the presence of more than one agglutinin in the same serum.
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Paine and the ^Titer isolated the diplococcus seven years ago, during an attack of
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Three companies replied: "We decline all, unless the Ap-
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prominent. The most obvious lesion, microscopically, consists of the for-
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current through the vascular plexus, which enters into the
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which will at least be of the greatest value to their companies.
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and it was with great difficulty that the patient realized that he was in a
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sixty-five years. This was in the Faroe Islands where, from 1781 to 1846,
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country at Laredo and New Orleans until the situation was taken in hand
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brought from a warm room to the dispensary on a winter day. The rash
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Massachusetts General Hospital by F. J\I. Spalding. Rymowitch believes
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5. "Although the 'fourth disease' has been confused with rose-rash and
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an unusual sense of well-being with facial lines of exaltation.
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Although it spread along the Mediterranean coast, no mention is made of
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whether the condition of the kidneys is such as to be per-
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good, although there is no evidence that it has done any harm. It is, there-
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there is more than one company which is an exception to
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ors, and seldom failed to attend its meetings and to add
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tormina, tenesmus, resistance over or swelling of the large bowel, and pain
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order to avoid the anomalous description of the same disease under an
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to be investigated. Dilutions may be produced by smearing one after
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to look upon a man of consumptive record, who has recovered
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faithfully believes she must suffer more or less. She attends
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disease is not common, although it may be seen, even in the newly born.
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is an important factor. There is nothing distinctive about the symptoms of