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emphysema is seen in chronic broken wind, and is due, as

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2130. Dr. Ferriar is also mentioned as an inventor of a theory

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Park found, in 20 cases diagnosticated as diphtheria, the bacilli to be

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and along the cords of the tonsil, and also in the loose peritonsillar

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acquired is transmissible from one generation to the next.

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ages after several years when they have settled down.

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Treatment. — The basis of this is the internal administration of iodides

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scapula or shoulder blade. The clavicle (Fig, lo) is a very strong

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bears directly on the subject of the present communication. The

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Illinois came third in the honorary list, followed by W. Q. G. Tucker of

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and a half from the date of the first application, with

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we only keep a patient on fever-diet — that is, we only deprive him of

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stances are sometimes acquired by milk either from the food of the

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bromide of potassium, conium, Indian hemp, chloral, and morphine or

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invading the root of the left lung. Posterior view, showing the mass in the

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festations of hydrophobia, naturally fails to produce them.

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endeavour to prevent, in the training and education of the patient, any

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statement by the results of analysis, that, with very

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reported primary immune dysfunction 13 , while other do not

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ranging from 10,000 to 40,000; this latter figure, indeed, is already

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two primary diseases, or whether their distinctive characteristics result from

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is too frequently superadded by energetic ignorance. The

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weakness, and possible collapse, may result from any excess of

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The primary cow-pocks pursue their course in the usual way.