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There are two forms in which syphilis is met with in the lungs in cases
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Want of personal cleanliness, ill-feeding, and the abuse of alcoholic
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differs somewhat from the coal-black colour imparted to them by iron, or
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the patient's condition is greatly improved. It is possible, in many cases,
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however, occur in streaks in the vomit, or as much as 2 or 3 oz. may be
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line advances rapidly, these huge stationary hospitals cannot be
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middle age with mitral stenosis a,nd some hypertrophy of the heart muscle,
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produced in this way probably depends on an abnormal reflex excitability
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appetite and digestion may be improved by the administration of a simple
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35 ; that it develops in people not in good health, as does ordinary gout, but
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Its movements quickly cease ; very generally it is engulfed by a phagocyte.
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mild cases may become intensified, and that in this way pestis minor may
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In securing sputum for culture, it is important to take precautions against
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white blood counts, etc. Many diseases not local to the kidney produce
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fhccp ihould have fufficient room in them, and open-
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wall often becomes flattened, and a hollow may form above or below
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gets dipped in ether. Over the involved area a thin film of the wax
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of the nerve centres. A hot alkaline drink at bedtime often acts
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not spread to the bladder or to the other kidney, the possibility of radical
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Tuberculous pericarditis is decidedly rarer than similar affections of the
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agents in the case of deficient function of their corresponding glands
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distinctly tender, and the child resents being moved, while at the same
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population, the rapid spread of dengue in a community — so remarkable a
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In consequence of the presence of vast numbers of ova, and the
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This is decidedly rare. The pia mater becomes thickened and nodular,
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lent oppreflion. Their breath was infufferably flink-
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these neuritic symptoms. Amongst one hundred hospital patients, mostly
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case is either one of subacute or chronic gastric catarrh ; or of permanent
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this is unavailing a fillet may be passed over the groin as a tractor,
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rupture usually occurs after a meal or some sudden exertion ; in a fit of
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Flatulence is a frequent symptom in chronic catarrh, but not so
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Malaria, that is the extracorporeal host of the plasmodium, usually
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cordant cry through alternate diflfonances, from the
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The patients improved in clinical symptoms and general condition. We
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compared with large doses (Allan) the foetal contribution of this hor-
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" by the fymptoms, and the indication of cure : —
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ed began to look chearful, and to eat his meat, and
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the relation of shock to subnormal blood sugar content. Suitable pre-
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fumes, whereby periostitis is induced ; but Dubois states that he has
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congestion, or it may be in advanced cases the subject of hypertrophic or
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cases, the superficial reflexes, are abolished. Sensation in the skin over
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