plug operation are obvious both in cases of congenital and acquired

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lieves that the most frequent cause of tuberculosis

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opment of mucous, membranous, and ulcerative colitis in

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his studies that autochthonous lepra does not exist, there being no proof in

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tie the ends together, but as this gives a relatively

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by diltersrnt anatomists to be the sacrum, the coccyx,

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pointed some time ago to consider the proposition of union

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definiteness of what actually constituted a reaction

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that maintain the regular action of tlie bowel, that

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usually due to the relief of constipation. Women ought not to ride during

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for three days by tincture of iodine, fi.ll strength. Time

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the diagnosis as to the position was verified. With scis-

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the patient is most carefully detailed and illustrated by figures descrip-

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of many of the figures, but is well shown in Fig. 29. The anaphase is

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sults in the course of the disease are particularly

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10. Crile. Ti'ansactions of the American Surgical Asso-

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the pulsus irregularis perpetuus, in tachycardias and

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In a second case, traumatism being the cause of the formation of the blood-

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cicatricial mass commenced the peritoneum was dissected up with the

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dried blood in solution, and the proportions in the mixture may be more

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including the w-riter at the first examination. Having

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haps it is the fancy of one who has studied syphilis

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that the diagnosis of this disease ofTers, as a rule, no difficulty. It is

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in the inspiration it had often received from a few

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again given which resulted in the disappearance of the re-

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the Cold-bath Treatment, Neuritis during and after Typhoid Fever,

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headrest was used on the fifth day. Chair and blankets

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Her heart examination showed a weak organ dilated but

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ing the day. Milk and eggs will be given to people who

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The stroma everywhere was very vascular and was the

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palate, posterior pharyngeal wall, and tonsils, are

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in doubtful local epidemics where several cases can be examined, and

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li e are indebted to the Bureau of Records of the De-