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have performed their duties, feeling sure that those duties

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typhoid bacilli. Cerebro-spinal meningitis is met with apparently

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believed that arterio-capillary disease is always the result of

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teacher, therefore, to those lines of tuition and those

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hours — not too long or the protective becomes adherent to the grafts

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seen in air embolism rarely present themselves. As a rule no symptoms

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hind the tongue of a dog, and were immediately swallowed.

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constituents in which the patient is deficient. Maybe the

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volume, enhancing renal blood flow and antagonizing the

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splint strip, say eight or nine inches long and two inches wide, may

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raised above his head he was ordered to drink the Prince's health,

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escapes from the canula, which can even be ignited, and

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Therapeutic Value of Llercury and its Preparations "

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cases of laminectomy with a tabulated collection of fifty-two cases of the

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Mason, E. H. A note on the absorption of calcium, salts in man. Jour. Biol.

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kopoietic tissue, involving the red man-ow, the marrow of the long bones, the

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self-devoted men as Anstie will be lost upon public

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of such nearly unavoidable factors as postinfection,

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directly depend on the variolous infection, but were chiefly or solely

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in the form of the fluid extract in doses of from ten to fifteen minims,

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Ordered a gargle of chlorinated soda, a mixlvire consisting of

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tical, the tumor should be removed through the vagina.

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Medical Society, at its meeting in May, 1893, said :

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these symptoms were followed by profound coma and death.

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■writing from St. Louis, says ; — " For some weeks we have

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The Bacteriological Blood Examination. The bacteriological blood

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drauo^ht of cold air passing through the passage leading from the

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from the artery to the gla*s or paper on which the register is

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tral gyrus multiple lesions are observed. These probably caused initial

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Calmette: Sur un nouveau procedg de diagnostic de la tuberculose chez

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It is evident from the curves of Nos. 1 to 4 that the magnitude

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In other instances the results were exactly the op-

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Very small quantities of blood (two ounces) were thrice drawn