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then that there is a hope of saving the life of the patient.
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Belfast Health Society. — Dr. W. J. Meharry introduced a
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don ; Mr. P. Q. Karkeek, Torquay; H. C. Kidd, M.B., Bromsgrove ;
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ance to ask to what they tend — what lesson do they suggest to
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should nominate the medical examiners ; but in the event, as
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There are fashions in waterclosets as in everything else, but,
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" That a donation be given from the funds of the Branch to
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schools smarting under a sense of injustice, and unfairly
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—Third Assistant Surgeon. .Applications to the Secretary by April
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Btairs; F. W. F. Ross, M.B., New Brighton; E. B. S. (S) Messrs.
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1891. His chief complaint was of constipation, with recur-
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fectly pure distilled water. Even hydropathy is a mineral
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Ireland. For example, to take the Cork Asylum, we learn
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teeth extracted were carefully examined, and the pulps found
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reorganisation of the service. ..The prrsoiuicl oi the department still leaves
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a cold current, perhaps both aqueous and aerial, must have
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wife, and one child have been poisoned after partaking of
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