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In the line of science I have little to expatiate on the case, and

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"With reference to the case of "William Frederick Hovey,

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on. Chloroform was used as an anesthetic, the duration of anesthesia being about

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the local tenderness, evince the slow contraction of the fallopian sack. But

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as our text, in large strangulated scrotal hernia, strangulated

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mended that the dosage be limited to 15 mg to reduce risk of

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ized Verdigris, 1 drachm, at the same time the Camphor Gum

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influence the work of careful observers, and illustrates the fallibility of

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conversely, a subnormal or normal temperature is strongly in favour

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MIdicin de I'Hospice-Guislain a Gaud, Belgium. List

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to the post of Honorary Secretary was confirmed ; but it is

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When the Ministry of Health Uill was made public in Novem-

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obtuse at one end, and curved about two inches at one-third of the

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vanished since the colectomy. I mention this circumstance

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nuisance within Section 11, and Sections 12 to 19 inclu.sive, of

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says that for ordinary exploration it is preferable to a metallic

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refined taste of the inhabitants, and leave those of nature to

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general restlessness, and marked cyanosis. Sometimes a lasting paralysis

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was closed by double row of continuous sutures, and nothing further

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last with daily operating from four to six weeks. The gloves are boiled in

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tonics, ergot and douches, and an ice-bag was applied

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to run away from him ; and two days later his feet and hands and back

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were the remains of a clot in the form of a cylinder of fibrin. The fntcrail

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continues the momentum derived from the contraction of the ven-

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Polymorphonuclear cytology; -vacuolization of the leukocytes and lympho-

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rales, audible at this stage, both with inspiration and expiration.