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dedly in favour of the view which holds that the natural ten-
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certain circumstances, be spontaneous in its origin, and in others the effect of
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nervous, especially so if it is best heard, by the better ear, when the
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8. Albuminuria, with and without Dropsy : its different Forms, Pathology,
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about the proper course to pursue; the optician, on the
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The symptoms of this affection are frequently very obscure; there is hardly
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while the success of this mode is probably due to cicatricial
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colour with guaiacum ; thus a favorite experiment is bringing a
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secondarily. The former g-ave 32 cures, 12 deaths; the latter 14 cures, 5 deaths.
Bordeaux, &c., suffered again in 1855. The chief force of aU the epidemics (except
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ticipates ; great emaciation supervenes, with anorexia and sleepless
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the last-mentioned case, in which the ciliary body of the staphy-
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syphilis.'^ Surely the researches of Dittrich, of Wilks, Bristowe,
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prescribed 01. Filicis Maris 5i> ex Mistura Acacise Jiss, to be taken
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nately the well and the ill fed, though unquestionably to a greater degree the
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logical distinction between the city and the hills is highly important,
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returned (the disease having lasted three months, and no cause
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great many individuals remain strong and weU, and quite
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tions from the place. The panic gave rise to many disastrous con-