does, it will prove a valuable remedy, not only as anti-abortive,

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in the Surgical wards. The next session will begin on the

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Kali muriaticum is a remedy of marked curative power in

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of intestines being glued together by recent lymi)h, and the

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fested, that there can be no mistake in the matter. Grief is some-

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AS A Cause of Abortion. By C. A. Logan, M. D., Leaven-

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which will not only inclose it, thus isolating it from the

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cases showing distinct epileptiform symptoms. Whooping-cough

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edy No. 18, if the hog is constipated, give the following:

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mon condition met with in many forms of disease shown by the

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disappeared. Also in cases of small hard lumps just under the

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the stomach pump is inadvisable. For cutting short epileptic at-

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the thorax with protrusion of the sternum, is observed in chil-

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virus, and from the difficulty of keeping the part clean

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which it has previously rendered to the researches in Aus-

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it" he will learn more about therapeutics than he can possibly

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in the urine ; gonorrhea, accompanied by bloody and mucous

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on the right side, in consequence of the support given by the liver

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was principally brought from America, which at that time

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so great in health that it might seem almost impossible to get

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asthma accompanied by cough and raising of a glairy expectora-

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Indications. — Atonic conditions of the gastro-intestinal tract;

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magnesia), oxalate of lime, carbonate of lime, phosphate of lime,

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wiser sons" " issuing from the labyrinth of the old chaos,"

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continued to sink, and died fort3'-four hours after operation.

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apparatus is evidence of disease of this apparatus. We want

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tongue and mucous membranes; greenish-yellow skin; pain

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the care of strangers, whom it is told to trust, and

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structures. It is especially valuable in diseases associated with

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blood cacoplastic deposits, and a very poor blood aplastic deposits,

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urination and the urine containing sugar, the liver, with various

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Post mortem two days after death, by Mr. "Wells and ]\Ir.

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forty-six clinical papers. Our program this year includes some

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heart. A hard radial pulse, an hypertrophic left ventricle, and

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