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vised, with 196 Engravings and Eight Full Page Plates.
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New York: Paul B. Hoeber, 1910. Pp. 204. (Price, $2.)
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Urine, acid, albumin, and casts present. Death approxi-
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held to be transmissible by contact with the cloth-
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a little pepsin and hydrochloric acid for a few days.
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liquid air the intracellular cholera juice or "cholera
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or necrotic degeneration, that even with the subsi-
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recognized surroundings; played occasionally, cried when
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ing to an annual death rate of 15.6 in a thousand of pop-
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and a fine of $375, or either penalty, will be meted
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"'■■hacute from the beginning. In her case it is not
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building for the Williamsburgh Hospital, to cost approxi-
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"La respiration egalement baissait ; avec les fortes
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(a") Tf the workman leaves a widow or next of kin at
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tions of the Zodiac, those specially grouped battalions
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Le Wald, Leon T., Captain, Medical Corps. Resignation
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chronic irritation, x rays, and alcohol. Of immimity
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to a minimum if the hand does not enter the uterus.
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ma), at a date anteceding that of the Homeric siege
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and even those of a catarrhal condition of the stom-
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"I like it very much and can always recommend it. It is
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Wednesd.ay, November 2d. — Society of Alumni of Belle-
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Hawk, Philip B. — Practical Physiological Chemistry. A
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Russia — General .Aug. 28-Sept. 3.... 9, 899 4.405
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nearly so silly as they appear. The imbecility is often to be at-
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free from tuberculosis in any and every form. Men only
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discussed under the term "paraspecific serotherapy.''
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1904. Mucous membrane lesions. Treatment : Inunctions,
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smaller, near the raphe about five eighths inch. In the
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body should be dissected at the Salernian school at
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on the shoulders of medical men ; the other is that
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L. Oberdorfer, was referred to one of us (Buerger) on
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and scrotum. Urine, pale yellow ; specific gravity, 1.025 ;
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which exists in scoliotics. In severe cases the prox-
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