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I have mentioned hot baths. The late Dr. Pereira and others

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patient, and he is deprived of the important aid of this valuable


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in a small number of cases of difficult catheterism, comprising some cases of

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also believed in resection of the ribs to permit drainage. In

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in the healthy, and to a greater extent in the m}ocoedematous, results in a

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small hemorrhages. The new membrane is reddish or brown in color, from

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the vessel when it is inverted : you cannot even shake them out.

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convulsions, from which the patient has recovered, or

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the medical members of the Board, and the staff were thus

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It could with propriety be used in cases of persistent

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part of April. On examination, the patient was found to meas-

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intense blowing sound was lieard ; both it and the pulsation were arrested

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Yesterday, was noisy at times; to-day, is quiet and respectful in my office.

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not be trusted to deal. In the present instance the grav-

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elevated ridges, firm, but slightly elastic, smooth, of a

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nasal bones become depressed, producing permanent deformity.

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globus pallidus, from the mesial parts of which fibres run across

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cular surface itself is not affected. The articular surface of the

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side of the patella enabled the operator to dislocate

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serving as carriers of ozone and also prevents them from

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About three years ago, she began to have felons on the right hand,

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affected, it would by no means follow that the same thing is true of the

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anastomosis being circumferential. It is clear that sewing in the