usually from three to four days to two weeks at most, according

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organism. It is only when this compensating faculty fails, when

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legs, the fluid being injected through the femoral arteries. Some

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Contribution by Drs. Francis W. Palfrey and S. Burt Wolbach, Harvard University

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the limits of visibility, and thereby to determine substances that

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c. Preparation of 2 Percent Suspension of Sheep Cor-

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glass rod by a rubber band (clippings from hemocytometer tubing

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(coagulation-necrosis of Weigert). The subjacent epithelium is usually

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in the severer and confluent forms, in which the defervescence of the erup-

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by ordinary illumination with an oil-immersion objective.

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period, insert a thermometer bulb into the solution

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Prepare a flask of veal infusion broth, adjust the reaction to pH

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distinguished, but is recognized by its less severe constitutional

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when Hahnemann made the first decided break from the old line

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or diluted with a small amount of pure water, lime-water, or soda-water.

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or miasma, from which its pandemic outbreaks presumably take their rise.

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duration, but is probably twelve days, on an average.

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The separation of the slough is usually complete by about the end of

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Department of Bacteriology, Army Medical Service Graduate

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(1) Semisolid medium. Small amounts of agar (0.2 to 0.4

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be signs of general bronchitis, with a varying degree of lividity. The urine

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poison and with the surrounding elements undergo hyaline transformation

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to the "law of cure"; to improve and enlarge each one his

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cases, fever may be entirely absent. Defervescence, when it occurs, takes

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asylum ; the mother was feeble-minded and the maternal grand-

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recurrence of the disease, the writer is inclined to agree with those wdio

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Thus it is well known that granulating wounds are only with difficulty

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by convulsions and vomiting. Sore-throat may be complained of, but is

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munise against the lethal dose of cholera vibrios, 1 c.c. of this serum is