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tly limited tuberculous focus which may be indeterminable by
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is often seen. The disease is hard to tell from other
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You will admit that this deserves an answer from the veterinary
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mission. The tumour was globular felt uneven and rather solid
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Todd Connor King s CuUege and Hajmes Sparrow Robinson St. B.irtbo
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Pharyngitis Angina pharyngea. More or less fever accord
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germs change in drinking water nervous influences over
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the nature of sleep its physiology and the many factors
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think that much more evidence is yet required to prove the
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three days beside the hot water should be onion tea made by slicing
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the legs the itching is very often due to some temporary
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inner lobe and an outer lobe. The inner lobe projects slightly
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informed or to have been more reticent and more modest than
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The following obituary notice appeared in the Canada Lan t
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may cause pressure upon the nerves which supply the lungs and
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cells of hepatic cells still well preserved and fat granules.
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In Africa the tsetse fly is usually found in low lying hot humid
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Galleani Ilia from Boston to San Francisco. Calif.

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