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The conclusion which I have drawn from the analysis

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plete clearing of the cornea. Fournier denied that all cases are

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on the spine and slightly displaced to the left. Both parietal and

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of specimens presented by Dr. Acland which includes the chief forms of

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fragmentary and uncertain in tone to be of any great value. While

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inflammation in wounds streptococci and staphylococci and one

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more suitable operation gt gt total hysterectomy if the cervix be unhealtl

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is capable of producing this transformation. An enormous

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The attendance waa very good and all those present were agreeably en

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very interesting generalizations were however made.

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The sections are cut by gliding the tripod over the

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ease occurs either as a primary or secondary affection.

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feature of his condition had been carefully scrutinized any

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ment of fractures and dislocations. Emphasis is rightly

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and iteiv glass jar closed with glass or cork cover or

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medica etc. ere granting them the medical registration certificate

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not be lost sight o and that is that in the same way

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one pointed out these different conditions and corre

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Society as this and artificially must its agenda be prepared.

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away but if the experiment is carried further and the

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though this was the case also in some resting nerve cells. It was

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It was impossible to palpate the testicle. Pressing

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class graduating in and at the time of his death was

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mine to be most in need of medical practitioners. Any student receiving

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to anatomy. It was collected for tbe purpose of illustrating bis

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in which the prolonged sojourn of B. typhosus occurs in the gall

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lue to weakness of the heart the latter either the result of myocardial

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from manifestation and then the circle will be com

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two or three months after the haemorrhage in the paralyzed limbs more or

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Ipt en l rous. ht it being understood and agreed that

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ing influences and avoiding the depressing atmosphere of invalidism.

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ascertain the state of the parts. The operation had been per

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physicians of Washington but we have no information respecting

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the use of alkaline and antiseptic sprays. Painting the aflected surface

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for. It should be remembered however that the symptoms of

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cism. It is always the younger men of Paris who are the

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