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probably not malignant. It seems that those two pos
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and directed to proceed to San Francisco Cal. and re
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continued to exist for ten or eleven years but during
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nerves and the last dorsal being connected with the five lumbar ganglia
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convulfed and died in about four days this difeafe commenced
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of the regular school contains a long advertisement
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had the case otherwise. She is apparently in as good
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the principles established by the geometrician are applied by the
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hemoglobin. As some of the chlorotics would not consent to this treatment
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question as to the diagnosis in any of the series. It was
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appearance of febrile movement. A broad distinction must be
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ings but without clinical manifestations of the dis
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be affected with new growths. They are divided according to their
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plate of bone which by man anatomists is held to extend in
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diverse in appearance to have really n nclied the same
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Crites. I must acknowledge that however unwilling I may be
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of the Great Plague. In one article however that of
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difficult to recognize. The disease may easily be con
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lence and is indeed the true enemy to be contended with.
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no clinical signs of tuberculosis the percentage of posi

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