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oil stearin etc. prepared under supervision quantity fiscal year

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anilin. b Infectious diseases diphtheria influenza ty

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rectum was readily absorbed and that dark venous blood

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constipation the motions are pale they smell horribly and contain much

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this argument before him If this is a cancer you will

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based upon abstracts taken from the admirable work of Gould

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punctures a ligature is passed commencing at one of the lower

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Dr. Linn has essayed a rather difficult task which how

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vertical muscular fibres between which is a quantity of adipose sub

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an Apprentice unto William Clark of Freehold in Monmouth Co. in

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to place acute anteflexion in the category of disease

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Postscript. Since the preceding paper was written I have met

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the softening occurs in small patches and the little

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schmidt have also made an effort to explain these conditions but

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disease in susceptible animals. The varus is supposed to spread in

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the last were about to be tied the patient suddenly

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small and weak. The wound was Ughtly dressed and he was

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them and therefore whatever ferves to encreafe his knowledge is likely to

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mucous or bloody expectoration. The orthopncea is well

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With regard to oxygen in pneumonia exf gt erience with

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more rare gift to know how to nurse them when sick. No persons

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He had another fit six months afterwards. They gradually increased

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There seems little doubt however that the continuation of

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fever it principally affects cows and produces no cerebral disturbances.

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tremble violently and then became flexed. The whole

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only extremely small amounts of glycogen in the liver despite various

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Treatment Central galvanism six minutes then faradism over

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same editorial also refers to an interesting article by

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October rd patient waa tapped and cc. of dear straw colored

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the value of the article. The data given on the growth of the

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influence on the stomach and the rest of the organism then the

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various types and its use has been suggested in septic endocarditis. It may

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