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mercury in syphilis. Instead of the dark races being
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vidual cases that it would be imjjossible to lay down
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other epidermal thickenings that might be confused with those
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New York Post Graduate Medical School and Hospital
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the stomach. The liver cells manufacture bile and convert glu
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to act as a diuretic and diaphoretic occasionally producing nau
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ance with regard to the production of sensation for we find that
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wax and resin composition. It is good practice for the
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First bicuspids th year. Last molares th to st year.
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nor in any other animal and no logical explanation has been
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may have been she experienced no difficulty in finding another
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from those engaged in any line of veterinary work. The expense
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tomical problems problems in pathogenesis etiological
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and Vauxhall Company and that the tenantry using the purer
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some fifteen years ago after observations extending
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large number of the clinicians who reported invariably good effects
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Its fatality clothed it with all the mysticism implied in the
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and various local applications according to circum
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the Quarterly Bulletin from the Chicago Veterinary College for
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More recently we have been able to isolate a similar organism
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like. Appearance of the innermost germ layer of the
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One of the specimens was a section of a skull in which both
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cerebral system but must be regarded as the necessary con
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room vrith the exception of myself believed her to have
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great as to complicate labor. When this condition is recognized dur
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He was treated with potassium iodide beginning with fifteen drops
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ureter near the bladder gave rise to considirable dis
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the colon and they were mischievous in that proportion
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Mr. Taylor is Supervisory Biological Technician Animal Research
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will be out of the question or at least a question
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correct the misapprehension which had taken place and
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such voluntary associations must be organized in such fash
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by the terms progressive and non progressive. The disease is progressive

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