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ma be arc plished by means ni axillary clinches sup

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digitalis by the mouth. Other stimulants one called into requisi

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accommodation affections of the ciliary muscle. Parinaud insists that

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She enjoyed an excellent convalescence and has since been

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fore in such herds the isolation or quarantining of the suspected

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ognition however are those where none of these symptoms

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to the clearest evidence that the yellow fever poison engendered and repro

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I am not acquainted with any recorded case in which a

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objects to be obtained are first to relieve pain and secondly

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line of Judge Kilgore s defense of the mammoth internal improvement

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Pustular SvpMUd es A very copious pustular rash in syphilis may resem

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Prof of Anatomy in the Universit of Leipzig. Forty

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merely over but Jurther back than the cerebellum. Professor

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powder. This was easily accomplished as they were very

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were a large pelvis a large and easily dilated vagina

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tances may be made at the risk of the publishers by forwarding

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While the stallion is legally unsound his progeny are legally

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al a thing not always possible when a poorly borne gen

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Some other of the figures of that report are extremely interesting.

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