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The level selected for the division of the transverse colon

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increases the volume of tissue fluid which is then drained away by the

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sputum. The discharges from the mouth and nose not alone of the

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Tlnctnre Podophyllln B. P. Simply a solutionof therein in alco

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scension in one who deservedly ranked so high in his profession to stoop

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The recovery was excellent and eighteen months later

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appear to be particulatly useful in a case like this one

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specimen vary from another in the most radical manner.

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Dr. Williams was appointed to fill vacancy on Board of Censors.

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appelees a exercer sur la Prat que C nrurtjficale. He therein

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without harm. In Manila persons were given a preventive inocula

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side being more confirmed than ever in the correct

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crus of the incus was not severed. The malleus and incus

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illness and in order to exclude so far as possible every source of

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teachings the vivid imaginations of the investigator

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sound one relieved of its attacks of lachrymation and on the twentieth day

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and hemoglobin would have increased proportionately. B ood smears

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Galli Valerio says that he has confirmed the work of

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vasoconstrictors. The interventions in which pitui

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In es timating the tension at the period of onset the in

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rise of blood pressure but with a failing heart the

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certain laws by which this microbe is governed. Ball s Essentials of

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arousal of sexual appetite by means of these drugs insures

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monest degeneration is one of the pyramidal tracts. The

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reflected in eymptoius and must be treated according to symp

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benzoate on the multiplication and gas production of va

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once placed upon additional treatment and for tlie next

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This mode of exciting irritation is less sudden than the moxa and the

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tical that by means of forceps and excavators they have com

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gut suture. Care must be taken not to catch the mus

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versity of Bishop s College this latter clause is a very

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The quantity of fresh water thus supplied for personal and

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the subject within the reach of the casual reader with

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it is under no obligation to notice or review any publica

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stronger stimuli that there is no ariation in the result.

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