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are placed in a test tube and i c.c. of cerebrospinal

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slowly the subjective condition also improves. Still

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in the lumbar and comparatively rare in the cervical vertebrae and sacrum.

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suddenly had a great exacerbation of his epilepsy so

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els call he done salcly. cxcepl to secure perfect i llict to

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condition too the mouth is usually dry a striking contrast to the salivation

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the angio ueurotic form which may appear at any point

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the occurrence of lupus vulgaris after puberty preferring

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that this substance after exposure to radium produces the

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referred to and this lie it remembered is affinued of

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and a large amount of fibrous tissue are present there are also numerous

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about the spread of leprosy than Dr. J. Ashburton Thompson of New

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Diagnosis A Manual of Clinical Methods. Fourth Edi

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number of inorganic and organic colloids at temperature reduc

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cases recover spontaneously in from two to three weeks and

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tioned and it is to the method that I particularly design

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not be any alkaline matters on the glass tubes the glass rods

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These dates follow the International Live Stock Exposition

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nearer to the centre of the circulation. Coming off from a

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There have been occasions when the subject of communication or

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jects of surgical diseases which are accompanied by bo

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country and the principle upon which it is based are described by

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has been ever since subject to occasional returns of salivation in

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