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a suitable penalty for violation of the provisions thereof. The

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does not extend below the lower border of the first lum

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tion. In the case of children from two years to fif

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This is important particularly with reference to the use of tartar

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bodily disease that shows throughout the melancholy history of his illness.

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sistently as in the case of the things with which natural

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the continual and repeated infection of the bile. A similar but novel

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or Hodgkin s disease there is a well pronounced tendency toward permanent

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is prevented by such an agent as well as by one which

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Strychnine pushed to the limit iodine used in various ways ar


femoral vessels based on thirty dissections carried out for the pur

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by many examples. Thus oil tallow and the like unduous materials

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spasm subsided gave three drops of croton oil in a teaspoon of milk.

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ventricle passes into the pulmonary circuit. In consider

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obeyed by both physician and the patient. I advise all my recov

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diffused. The qualifications required for membership are

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trict during the pendency of this quarantine in violation thereof

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cases. The temperature juickly reaches its maximum which varies between

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high enargy radiation of aqueous solutions of amino acidso

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their supply may be altogether cut off. I should estimate that over

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aid obtained by unemployed working people from trade unions from

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was standardized for use in the oxygen system in. Check valves filler

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Dr. William Moor of Dublin died on the th inst. aged

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mottled due to the areas of atelectasis consolidation and em

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the oculocardiac reflex and that the other two responded by an accel

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important topics should any arise. At present Monday evening July

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adult almost always affects the left side of the heart

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oppose the inclusion of the social security number. In

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of certain occupation neuroses and migraine and the fact

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fixed bounds or rules very intelligible to a moderate underftanding. But

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retroflexion while in the parous woman the conditions are reversed.

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this we see tliat the protection affoi ded by the first

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believe it probable that the future life which man hopes to claim

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served in alcohol containing corrosive sublimale to.

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by caseous masses and very frequently obliterative changes

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