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treated in this manner usually healed without complications.

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THE subject of Rheumatism will be discussed in the present article

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hogs which scatter the infection over the pastures. If dead ani

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dictory results of the observation of members might have

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tion. He stated that they aimed to fill not only the

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not very ready to admit the latter to share in their work because

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one time been subjected to the injection of iodine for the cure

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the joints fusiform sometimes creaking due to thickening

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Stra tum steruo stratum to spread or cover to pave.

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and arachnoid. Numerous pneumonic and gangrenous centres in both

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maxillaris nervus abducens the posterior part of the ganglion sphenopalatinum

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The mode of articulation of the jaw to the temporal bones allows it

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first bougieing the ureters makes an incision in the vault

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physician and a consistent Christian he has left no better model

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Easter Buns or Hot Cross Buns of the London Criers.

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ation is indicated in cases of retroversion in which the

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ture by injection between the fractured ends Iodine used for the same.

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no considerable impairment of sensation. Her general state seemed

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been largely maintained in the face of a decreasing budget and neces

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ER our file of that number being entirely exhausted except

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organizations are divided into brigade sections each

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pensions they had found very reliable and could be used

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ated in widely diverse climates and the men in most

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fore Perkinism has shared the fate of Animal Magnetism

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tumor. Supravaginal hysterectomy was done followed by

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ducted regularly in each borough of the city as the

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Browne assumed that the proposed asylum would be self supporting.

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