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ceived from the officers under your command and you will be
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see a dense matting of connective tissue apparent when stained even to the
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What brought us to the idea of using an intragastric thin
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out. The minutae of the requirements on the part of the gov
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observed in some few cases spread over the whole body
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to be mixed immediately before use. Solution I consists
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It has been held by some that the sound is produced by tracheal
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the channels patent is deposited in a certain circumscribed area. It is
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in season that has touched a deeper evil than that which they were
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which may result from the simultaneous actions of exciting and inhib
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should be used but two or three weeks. Blood nutritive
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at Bathurst Gambia recognized the parasite as a trypanosome and
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Dr. Finlayson. But whether that be so or not we must at
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Diarrhea is a prominent symptom the temperature rises rapidly
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Dr. Ferrier considered as verifications of jjoints which
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rectal tenesmus is the most constant symptom and this may
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thesia in the standing position. After carefully cleansing
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of the ditierent diseases had in mind the literature and not his
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called cerebrospinal meningitis. Really all meningitis
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a five per cent. solution of cocaine. This is retained in the
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ternally by the Biceps above and internally by the Semi
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victim blind in one or both eyes. In England however it is mostly
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is attended with a very small wound which always heals by
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ter results than the luetin test in the late stages
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every discharge from the urethra is not necessarily gonorrheal i. e. due
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posed to the dust of the room and germs from many visi
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point of view. In no other affecdonSy excepting intermittent fever
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posed to indicate perforation but it proved to be due to

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