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therefore he employed the Peruvian bark and other anti
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but care must be exercised not to allow the irritation
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Shattuck of Boston American Journal of the Med. o. July presents
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find something of scientific or philosophical interest one is
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with forceps. An incision is then carried in the long axis
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ness for several days he was practically cured by this
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may close the lumen of the larynx and cause suffocation.
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true pathology of the various diseases for in many instances we are
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the conditions observed in the stomach of his patient Alexis St.
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syphilitic alcoholic and paretic insanity. There are also
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lesions. Chronic suppuration with fistulee of the tear sac
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a solution containing over ig per cent. a solution diffi
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The smallest or renal splanchnic as you gather from the above is
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freely several times. Liniments and hot apphcations
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The native cattle of Ireland are presumably descendants of the
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Doubtless many milk outbreaks have escaped attention or have been
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of the brain. Cerebral symptoms denoting inflammation are cephaltigui
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mineral from which chromium was first obtained. Various prepa
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shock and recjnires a stronger stroke Irom the other hand to set

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