In the foregoing observations I have always spoken of the human body

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one aspiration. C. Gerhardt of Wurtzburg recommends in children com

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have taken up cocci this is the mixture of the sera of three



diameter was found in the vagina projecting from the cervical canal. Its

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states. But none of these applications were to be depended on

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although not necessarily preceded by a simple catarrhal inflammation. The

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the bladder and the rectum by sexual intercourse and by pregnancy.

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observed on the left croup extending forward to the sacrum

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I am inclined to interpret the rule laid down more liberally than most

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erably the stomach may be displaced until it is resting upon the

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What makes this malady still more serious is the fact that

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space of time. Such cases are rare and are especially associated either with

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membranes of the head chest and abdomen and when jaundice

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Having thoroughy removed the granulations of polypi it

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and other centers have provided further data on the

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is giving special concern to the militarv authorities.

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when the pains have died away during recumbency. It

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concerning them. In lupus in various suppurating tracts

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line of the dorsum of the penis just posterior to the

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of the graft but also surrounding the Haversian canals. In these are visible

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succeeds in firing a second pistol ball. The presumption is always

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parts each of which being finite muft necefTarily have. fome bulk or

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pneumonia alw ays begins w ith a serous exudation a con

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By the careful administration of chloroform the state of

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teach eidisted personnel proper methods for the care of the blind teachers

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visitations and inspections of final examinations would be

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from its teintroduction into modern obstetric practice lie also laid

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twenty years old after several days of prodromata went to sleep

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below and parallel with the costal margin. Retroperito

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seated in the chair I flexed his elbow to a right angle

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extraneous conditions which promote decomposition that we do not know

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careful workers believe in a true physiologic elimination but they

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Concerning the character of the container Wiley states Much

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the fffices. Sometimes a localized induration or mass may be discovered

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great deal of attention has been focused upon it of late

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