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frequently of pain in the precordium due to exertion. The physical
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and rise a like the sun to run their appointed course.
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ments were manufactured at a large rubber factory in
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The conclusions arrived at are as follows that when
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touching it. The included surface A C B is to be freshened see
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noted a steady increase with the nrogress of the dis
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scarcely equal to the normal general measurements of the
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have abandoned therefore the through and through sutures of
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and the reaction is very severe. Its effect on primary
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all fractures with marked depression require trephining
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half an hour previous to the accident up to the retiun of
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existing there towards Canada and Canadian affairs. He had met
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for the present expense of incompetent unorganized civilians by
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were several bleeding points close together by passing a needle
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provement but similar cases had not been so fortunate.
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employed in match factories are particularly liable and the
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price remains as before.. We are sure that those needing such a
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carefully e ery half hour with a saturated solution
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Vesalius Adam begins by relating another account to which
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toms occur also under the diminished air pressure in the pneumatic
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that much can be learned from the experiences of the members of
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epidemic of mumps by means of inoculation. Twenty children who
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were lie passes the direct current. The result is that the
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in a brief chatty interesting waj and human interest is
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For older children during convalescence scraped beef kumyss gruels and
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ecpial and imchecked current. Such were some of the
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In answering my summons I supposed it was some simple ailment
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thighs together with the inguinal region and lower part
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epigastric region on the anterior aspect of the left thigh just below the
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pneumonitis observed by Yernois and Becquerel there
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constantly excluding millions from work in late so
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If we.observe the effect of stimuli applied at varying periods after the
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from hemorrhage. He says further I consider the sponge and
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side On admission it was found that the right portio dura
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forming and recording an opinion as it is mainly upon
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peculiar expression of the countenance are in themselves jDathogno
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markable but yet not without precedent in during the epidemic
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also contains two grains of refined and purified Beuzinboracic Acid.
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His advice confirmed the conviction that the State must
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provided that the amendment shall have been proposed at a
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follow its use and it is free from a tendency to disturb

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