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the question of first importance in diagnosis is not
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tion. Tliere was no hemorrhage from the wound or the artery and
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white and the blood vessels were small just the condition
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refugee from Connecticut and who had served in the British
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gum and exposed to the smoke of a fire until its white colour
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of the bleeding be the pharynx the hemorrhage is oot free the
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manent and be felt after any exposure to even slight cold. A
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predominating size is represented in figure un.c which also
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anatomist or a physiologist nor would the results of the inquiries
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third time. In the cases that died morphia was given to
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Chronic Osteomyelitis of the Femur Treated by Iodoform
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arise near the vertex. Diverticula such as those in the
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Lateral Lobe. When the lateral lobe is principally involved the
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bacilli to which it is fatal within the human body. Only last
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operation was performed by Messrs. llargraves B. Phillips
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Otherwise the best time for operating may be allowed to
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nerve influence as passing through the crural centre but
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it has been observed that the only period during which the fundus is
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injections and the continued application of warm poultices or cloths fre
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In sections deeply stained with polychrome methylene bine very few bacilli are
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were suffering from glanders in its chronic form. Be
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tain not more than about twenty live to thirty grains of

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