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sudden and have less fever. Multiple neuritis has a slow onaet
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the ebulition. On making this application bubbles of gas
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coma may in reality be a lymphoma osteosarcoma malig
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allowed a moment s credit in the colleges in which they teach.
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junior clinician or laboratory worker. The clinician requires
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heaviness of the eyes and lividity of the lips. The pulse at first
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of your readers to the fictitious character of a few paragraphs near
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slowness of speech rather than ataxy the absence of tremor in the
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weadier. For if from the causes we have mentioned we find
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w hich he prescribed the physician of to day is daily prescribing
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have seen before. The ear stands between the nose and eye
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large enough to cover the entire face of the patient. Anaes
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classification of vasomotor disorders of the extremities A.
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or too free use of alcoholic stimulants. Wliere there is much tendency
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died of scarlet fever. While there were no clinical mani
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Bahr Einige Gahrungsversuche mit Bazillen der Oedembacillengruppc Ztschr. f. Infec
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era and not since then to have permanently left the country.
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tent guaranteed of high potency and the like but few care to
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Within the last few years the importance of the functional
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ture are not starthng or excessive although the nights are always cool. Occasional
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an intricate nervous system to the circulation of the brain where
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the womb tending to anteflex again Dr. McClelland used three tents as
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has been excited by the observation after death that one of
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The analogies afforded by other forms of disease are still more
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large measure theoretical but perhaps unavoidable. A few months
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hours and in the internal administration of quinine
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sented himself at the same hospital with a second indurated chancre
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tion in the genesis of tetanus. There is reason for
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The foetus about an inch and a half long was found among the
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activity. Four cases of hip joint disease without sinuses improved. To
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it could be made available to the Federal Government
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On its outskirts the wildest dreams of the Arabian Nights have
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reasons lack of desire to fly three academic failure four airsickness one
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to arouse the interest and attract the attention of all
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of time it requires for the chancre to develop should be
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fatal although instances of recovery are not rare. I
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of the muscles. When such paralysis occurs in connection with disease
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Blastomycosis generally resulted in death v. hen it be
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impoitant reform of the out patient system. Regarding the third pro
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that it is probably an acute tubercular lesion. From the feeling of the
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Dr. Jelliffe believed of beginning peripheral neuritis due
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foreign bodies of various sizes some cartilaginous in structure others

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