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necessary after a time to abandon it and that the only way
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middle and not exert so much pressure on the side where
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just underneath the eyebrow and under the eye next to the nose
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come on gradually distinguishes it from nervous apho
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eye and cures Ophthalmia acute and chronic Pterygion
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reason of its very location and its relation to the
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For inflammation of the testitrles apply leeches at once. To thi
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according to older standards the cases studied. The
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it is good and all that is wanting to dispel the tumefaction is
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periments of Spallanzani with the ova of the frog the im
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bandages. The resulting stump is by all odds the most shapely
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so called ulcer cure of Leube. By means of a gradual transition
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duced as followed removal of the cortical centres on the same side or
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whooping cough in families who were unable to provide
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The cerebrospinal fluid is a perfectly clear fluid with a slight alkaline
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during the fits of dyspnoea. The operation was therefore per
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larged be well washed by the application of a continued stream of
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highly suggestive paper. In his own observations in the
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attention to the education of handicapped children
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sour meats heretofore occurring in inspected establishments.
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epidermic framework of such a vaccinal pock. Nothing but lymph
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spontaneously or as a result of the most trivial accident
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definition. He was not inclined to include paratyphosus infection under that
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color or any significant scarring is a signal that therapy
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health official shows by statistics that there were
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Europe andAnierica. News of Societies and of interesting medical topics cordially invited.
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the left eye which had most of its retina sensible to luminous
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everything tended to raise his hopes. One of the most
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ities but intermittent and remittent fevers were just as
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stituent portions are calculated on the assumption of a rate of increase
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any of the physical signs the diagnosis is rendered extremely prob

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