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of disj lacemcnt and this cause has been reaffirmed by Bartels and

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iodism which he presented was a certain amount of itching and on

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the patient hence the desirableness of an early diagnosis.

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manifested by rapid action of the heart after slight exertion irregular

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assimilated matter. In the former case the nourishment of the struc

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their occurrence during the period of carrying. Pits have been known to


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secretion is unable to escape readily in that direction either

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relative rank of the staff. I must not however tres

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exceptional In none of the cases I have seen were the lymph glands

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tivity of the skin is promoted and the kidneys are relieved

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sr and through the urethra without great difficulty and without much

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presents to patients and visitors but the grand scenery and

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pigmentation of the former. The test used here Legal LeNobel Lange is not

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THE APOLLINARIS COMPANY LIMITED London beg to announce that as

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ences in the technic. We deplore the lack of details

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diabetic subject the liver contained grammes. In the liver

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turer was listened to with deep attention. His subject

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places. In these cases we may observe for some time on the upper

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effort of the extensor muscles. Reasons why it is impossible for a

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No matter in what direction the process progresses the two

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deny. I look on tubercular development and consumption as the

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It was otherwise however with deformities where the feet

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or subacute inflammation of the brain or its membranes

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in secreting organs such as cirrhosis and chronic renal

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Dr. Wilson On ante mortem we frequently find cows where the udder is

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He made a memorandum of its contents and the signatures and sprung

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day after the operation when flatus began to escape

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Confidering how great a power the fchooi philofophers afcribe to na

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the foundation of this law let us carefully examine

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act by attraction or affinity upon the sanguineous molecules or the

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