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tration of medicines. While this information can be of

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tralgic phenomena but the diagnosis is not difficult. The

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emotion or a convulsive attack or even without apparent cause. It may

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and the patient labour that might have been so much more profit

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otherwise ensues sometimes to a very inconvenie t ex ent

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ilar character we have usually accepted the name laparotomy.

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acids may be divided into three groups fixed inorganic acids represented

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glandular epithelium that they were concerned. It de

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has often been demonstrated that a patient suffering from psychogenic deafness

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progress satisfactorily. On November three months from

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and an altered color that is different from that in any

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is too early to decide as to the results obtained in

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so deserving to earn his everlasting gratitude. Even

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with a little tartrate of potash or the potassio tartrate of soda and

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the results would be very unsatisfactory. Xormal children who

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anything like unvarying proportions. At times too it is

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to overstep the limits of the bassa chirurgia. Nevertheless

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the presence of a hematometra or if we have to do with

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B. Assimilative Work as Measured by the Secretions per

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inches. Roentgen ray ulcers of the intestine had been

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The above mentioned experimental results permit the con

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