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allowed at first fish then fowl or game and at last ordinary meat.
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The case being congestive we must determine whether this con
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dark pigmentation such as in the epidemic of beer poisoning
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as Rev. Dr. Scadding in his Toronto of Old has said forms
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story construction is its advocates offer what they regard as a conclusive
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specialists can be obtained and expert treatment given.
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task to compress such a history into well printed pages. The
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of age are most frequently predisposed an infection being
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discovered we are often enabled to extend the use of it from one
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abdominal wall and in order to avoid the occurrence
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From ironing and also from nursing children I have seen
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TelangloBla tel an je o sis tele far angeion vessel.
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reference to this that I shall direct the chief remarks
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shadows of the mysterious into the calm scrutiny of science.
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large number of animals principally dogs are going mad thus
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that appear to be directly or indirectly connected with the menstrual
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in pregnancy the author makes several quotations in order
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CHOKED DISK OR PAPILLEDEMA. The condition of the optic nerve
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the occasion of the first scientific meeting of the Ameri
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You will observe the TONSILS the UVULA and the condition of the
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the thumb screw on the under side of the instrument
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also an entirely different kind of exercises which were
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ing. It had been opened several times during the three or
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forms of medication perhaps even more so in the ad
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of it was typhus poison. You suggested as the reason why
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and over again with very intelligent patients as well as himself.
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ciety. He is united in marriage to Lucy M. Ainsworth
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Civil Service in. He was promoted from time to time until
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of a patient for operation drastic purgation and pro
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intra laryngeal removal of growths is attended Avith grave risks of serious
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foci was becoming more apparent especially in the light
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