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anatomic exactness rather than speed and in which he tries

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The jockeys are usually Filipinos or mestizas and differ little

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should be typed on separate sheets double spaced. Bibliog

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apparently prev lt ata the penetration of oilier Bpermatozoa

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rare in the trachea. The reason is obvious. The su

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all the morning to compose it. This showed the discipline

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and other operations upon the organ that had become

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to four hundred females annually but even this increase

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Symptoms Difficult or Impossible to Feign. It may be remem

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but they have left a record of noble work done. They planted

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specked with white is less apt to excite vomiting than

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arms stiff and rigid no evidence of tubercular meningitis.

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beads and the opaque cheesy substance were identical with

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AMominaland Uterine Tolerance in Pregnant Women as shoionhy

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equipment non commissioned officers and as a diagnostic aid to the Central

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taint or weakness. The origin of the ailment was clear

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tions but it seems to me the nervous element is the most important.

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tion. In the earlier stages of pregnancy the expulsion of a

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yellowish green in color and odorless. The character of the exudation

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growths of the mammary glands. I am a firm believer that originally

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clot already formed. When the pupil is contracted the

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The lungs may exhibit the changes peculiar to bronchitis or pneu

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forated gastric and duodenal ulcers with a report of

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lids and fell out when the lids were separated. He in

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depressed. The marked protein sparing action of carbohydrates is il

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fever more especially as the typhoid infection may at the same time cause

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