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etiology. While it is probable that this affection occurred as frequently

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evitable an attempt on the part of the patient to make

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my attention to.the fact that this man was getting from four to six

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eight days without any subsequent effects being observed.

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stance not to be attributed to an increase in the number of red

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contact with the plate. To do this it may be necessary

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percussion in their cradles and Bright s book not writ

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ately closed and at the same time the heavy fundus sinks

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since the gland not infrequently has sufficient re

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bers. One of the most interesting phases of obstetrical

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they had occurred every two weeks. He was able to go

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nystagmus. Counts fingers and recognizes small objects. Left

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frequently due to disorder of the pituitary gland and is often asso

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Welfare Commission for the War Disabled their aims to

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Association could agree upon absolute rules in regard

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are impressively put. Dr. Sanderson further says We

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lowed and a fine is imposed for permitting any but the

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picture and the signs and symptoms of the cellulitis completely over

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glands are also enlarged and painful but do not suppu

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productive of very manifest ill results. The tendency

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modes of transmission of the germs of this terrible disease

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fibrin upon and the formation of adhesions of the peritonaeal covering of the

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credit allowed until after applicant has been in practice

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lesions in some types of unconsciousness. As soon as we

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sarily associate a subfebrile temperature with a forth

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body should be sponged and that she should be given

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Moreover the intense nervous excitement w hich precedes accom

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one person might be incompetent to produce eczema in another

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it was usually assumed to be caused by tight splints it

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Ei es. In some instances the appendical opening re

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should not put such a boy at a machine which may develop his

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