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centres are themselves unstable many surprising effects and symptoms
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taken it became necessary to collect the various scattered
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gress in. Surgeons or heads of large clinics have given just as
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are destroyed by its influence. But for these purposes solutions of
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ing a metallic slapping tone to be emitted. This sound is
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and quality. The oils consist of several hydro carbons
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condition simulating tumour and he was not awaie that any
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fragmentary and uncertain in tone to be of any great value. While
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cases. The author made use of tissues of fetuses from
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posed as Demonstrator of Anatomy but at the request of Dr.
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but they may as well be faced and whatever inferences may be drawn
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a terminal infection. A sixth case also proved fatal
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of a few simple rules Know exactly what is the matter with your
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Treatment of Ocular Palsies. It is important to ascertain if possible
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by Dr. Grange it is a little difficult to accurately determine ex
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greatest diameter which is from the fore to the back part. The head
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of digestion. These sciences have been called the hand
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out operation as I believe that their proportion is in excess of the
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at the autopsy characteristic areas of fat necrosis were
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reducing angina frequency and increasing exercise tolerance.
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is no conjunctival reaction which would be confused with the con
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further use of the mercury and again resort to leeching cupping
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of appendicitis as here expressed will remain for the most
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ments are kept up some time after the heart has stopped beating
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reckoning the voltage required to produce a spark between
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indeed not very dissimilar to that of atropine this agrees with its action
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traced directly or indirectly to its influence. Even a

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