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striking it with great force in its rajjid flight past the eye the
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When a vacancy is declared it is advertised as at other
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conceives of course that the dried oxalates of lead and zinc
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of this aud the rest of the Linn. Classes and Orders
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strychnia cnuld kill without ever producing a muscular
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presents itself. Uncomplicated chorea is looked upon as having a very
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prevent putrefaction when shipped for laboratory examination.
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this practical requirement have arisen the various theories
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has grown round the subject under the term chronic gastro
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regularly and as nearly as possible what they require and
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the practice of Dr. Thomas Forsyth Glasgow to whom I am
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cording to recent advices has just completed a chronicle
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autointoxication and again it had beefs pretty conclusively
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cells and bronchi are compressed and many of them obliterated. The nov
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there were almost one hundred mules and of these twenty three
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source is man himself the secondary source is cattle.
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thus softened and passed down. A fistula was the result finally
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the apparatus of which the one I now present for inspec
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paralytic affections debility and even in rheumatism in fact I
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vere glycosuria and of a lesion of the liver and pan
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water is screwed on the canula which is then intro
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gone no treatment whatever and am convinced that the natural pro
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benefit. Some time ago I treated in this manner a patient
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this insalubrious ill drained town. The mort. ility of Birmingham
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animal or other food enough to amount to a condimont or seasoning.
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ories regarding the important relation of the chloride free
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to do away with a speculum and an assistant in cataract operations. He
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retired about three years ago and returned to Dunbar where his
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pended upon. All suture and ligature material should
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Attendants of persons proposing to assure in all cases in which their adWce
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pork and musty bread. To the salt beef the sailors gave the name
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the thermometer that the doctor who sees a case of convulsions in
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