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dropsy. Neither of these symptoms alone suffices t lt

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for the limulus assay had been gelation of lysate in a test tube.

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The disease occurs in two forms in a local or exter

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appointed him Commissioner to the Hamburg Exposition and in

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Plain hot water is all that is necessary to use. The

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the apparatus. A certain latitude is afforded by the use of

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in these cases. A preventive treatment called antanaphy

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small tube can be put all the way into the bladder and

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lowed by loss of consciousness. I have not seen any case of

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But this requires a liquor that I ufe in fuch experiments which is

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diseases are carefully investigated but its specialty is the

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canaLculi purporting to be formed by Leptothrix have been reported. Most of

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bone. In certain places it is especially severe. After some days or

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branch of surgery aud contains some of the most re

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treated only for dyspepsia and its complications. Even the increas

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our acquaintance had been of short duration it soon

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thopedists and school nygienists admit or suggest it.

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matter even when partially dry upon sheets where those having the disease

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of severe pain sufficient to make an impress on the

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to the existence of the disease in other states and

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the strength of the prejiaration and the susceptibility

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favorable till th day after operation when temperature rose to red

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